Land Surveyors and Sectional Title Consultants

Our mission at Land Survey Africa is to offer excellent service in each of our professional avenues, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and general business integrity. This allows us to develop our team and provide a leading platform from which to service both the environment and our valued clients.

Find below our Land Survey Africa list of services, and for more information on how we can improve your next project – get in touch with us right here!

Surveying Services

• Cadastral Surveying
• Road Surveying
• Pipeline Surveying
• Power Line Surveying
• Structural Deformation Surveying
• Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
• Mining Surveying
• Volumetric Surveying

Mapping Services

• Aerial Mapping
• Digital Mapping
• Line Mapping
• Scanning Mapping (Heritage Conservation)
• Digitizing

Professional Drone Mapping

• Planning
• Surveying
• Processing